atagonia trip by Conway LEUNG

Dear Friends,

This is message from Conway LEUNG from Argentina:

I am in Argentia-Barilooche YHA. Saturday I arrived without preparation and fly to South of Chile at Port Montt stay one night in a 3 star hotel. I follow the internet suggest route from Chile take a bus to volcano, but miss the ship. After a 3 hours walk to the OSRNO volcano, I stay one night BIV at the lake side (no gas, so I picked some dries wood to set fire to cook noodle and hot soup) but heavy rain all wet. Very cold wait until 1000hrs on Monday then by chance joined the tour to see the lakes and mountains (very expensive tour).

 I had seen rhea & guanac ate black berry while crossing  the border fromChile to Argentia along Andes & Patagonia National Park. I arrived Bariloche  late at night, so I needed to stay in a 4 star Hotel (HK$ 1200 one night- very expensive and killing me).  I use the hotel drier to dry up all my wet sleeping bag & BIV bag and ready for another moutaineering. On 03-17 (TUE) on the way to bus station for mountaineering at south side, suddenly I saw a Youth Hostel, then I moved in because it is cheap and have free internet. the city is beautiful and I shall ride dirt bike for tour there for one day. I shall go to the south end city-to Cerro Torre & USHUAIA.  On 03-30 fly back Santigao for one night then to Aucland for three days to see Mt. Cook. I shall return HK on 2009-04-05.  What a hard day carrying my 30Kgs rucksack walking here and there without planning. See you friends and miss you all.