Conway climbed Cerro Lindo & dive inLake PUELO

Update Message from Conway LEUNG from Argentina 

I had arrived the lovely remoted EL PUEBLITO hostel and the next afternoon I went into a thick jungle ready to hike up a hut deep in the mountain at 1,500 M. Since I am alone with not many gears. I started my scared and lonely trip from 250M to 1500M within 4.5 hours before I staretd I marked down the sketch which marked on the notice board in the country park management centre which was before crossing a nice green river (RIO AZUL). At 1240 hrs, I followed the speical marks uphill along a thick jungle (no puma come out in the day time). Then I came to a river, the water is so nice for me to drink the fresh & sweet water. I then poured away my bottle of hot water and refilled fresh water.

Subsequntly, I arrived a dry lake and on the way. I met three couples who walked downhill. The hostel manager alleged that would take six hours to the hut. I worried I could not arrive the hut before darkness so I walked very fast uphill without a break and my legs were?uite tire. At last at 1645 hrs, I saw the hut (Cerro Linda hut) and there were only a couple with a one?ear old boy. None of them speak English and difficult to communicate, but I paid P$40 to stay a night with mattress at second floor and I had a cup of hot tea. After a rest, I first needed to check the route to summit (CERRO LINDO 2,150M) and I needed to climb up a dry water fall about 100 M hight. After the water fall, I saw a nice volcano lake and a pinnacle after checked the path, I climbed down with my nice climbing boot. After returned to the hut, I met four Argentina youngsters and had a talk. I cooked my only one left noodle with soup (bring from home) and went to sleep in my sleeping bag which I want to threw away because it was wet in my BIV night but now it was OK and save my life in the cheeky mountain

Get up at 0630hrs and had eaten the only left from Alpine trip oak and ran up hill followed the trial for one hour and then up the summit but I got lost after arrived the summit,I met a ice wall and took photo and crossed a frozen lake. I was so scared and felt cold becuase I lost the way and ran up several small hills to check my route because I was in my own without GPS nor the moble phone had no connection at all. Luckily at 0930hrs I lcoated the trial and ran down hill to the hut. Thank myself, I returned the hut and picked up then I needed to run downhill to meet my taxi. Two dogs from the hut followed from 1045 hrs to 1230hrs.I was screaming when I saw the management centre throught the thick jungle. After soft drink & biscuts, I ask the taxi driver to take me to a lake (Lago Puleo for rock climbing according to the map). A long way go I needed to paid P$ 50, however, I found out most of the activities were closed. While I wanted to take a bus return to city, I saw someone was preparing to dive. I never dive in a lake so I asked how much cost since their gear were very old and should not cost much. It only cost me P$ 80 for two dives, why not, I wore my underwear and put their provided thick diving suit.on.I enjoyed the 30 minutes 15 feet dive although I am very tire. After the dive, I took a bus and change into a taxi back the EL Pueblito hostel. However, no dinner provided tonight. I cannot only drink a noodle instance soup and ate two packs of chips as my dinner.2009-03-21(FRIDAY) I shall book a Mt bike for whole day riding and try to have a good lunch ( I did not have a proper dinner for a week because I shall take a coach from ELBOLSH to Esquel hostel which is a 3 hours journey . I shall arrive at night again. I have washed my dirty mountain clothes again and the day time weather is 33C but night time is 1C.