Conway Canal Beagle canoeing

The following is message from Conway at USHUAIA, Argentina:

      On 2009-03-27 (My Friday) Today, I spent a lot of money by joining the adventure excursion with the Canal fun adventure. They picked me up at my hostel (good service) and other 9 tourists from different nationalities, most of them are middle age couples. An hours driving to a quiet and calm Canal Beagle near Chile border, we loaded an inflatable boat then put on waterproof trousers & rubber boots.

       We started paddled crosss the sea to an island and carried the boat crossed the island. We then started our voyage in a rough sea a bit exciting. After two hours paddling, we landed and had lunch in a remoted pier restaurant.

       After lunch, we boarded a big outboard (300 hp) speedboat to have a look an old but servable fish boat for catching  kingcrabs. We landed ina small island where there were hundreds of different kinds of peguins and their holes. I also saw a big cordor (big pategonia eagle 3 meters long with the wings extended) and various birds in a remote island. Then we have a 3 hours hiking on a remote island and looking for otters shelter and guide told us the history of USHUAIA and how the wool delievered from there to Europe. I concerned about the kingcrabs because most of us had watched National Georgrpic-deadly catch of Kingcrabs.

       The guide introduce a cheap and traditiona one for use and then we returned to our coach before the evening rain came. After a nice shower, I decided to try my first kingcrab (may be I had tried it in Australia on 1993 while I was trained as pilot). In the Chicho Restaurant, we met most of the couples on the adventure, we all have kingcrabs. I ordered a soup with kingcrab and squit and a fruit desert that cost AR 97 (HK$ 250) very nice squit but not the kingcrab, I prefered Chiu Chau cold crab better. Not an adventure for me today but another exposure of life. I thinking about running similar business in HK for tourist.I shall fly to Buenos Aires (capital of Argentina) on 2009-03-28 to stay two days in Hostel Sutina Floria as to see the markets and watch Tango dancing in the square. I need to develop myself more for innovative idea.