Conway Coach Adventure in Argentina

This message came from Conway Argentina Trip:.

 On Saturday(09-03-21), I rent a Mt. bike and rid to place call -Watron. Hot and sunny day on a sandy road with cars in and out, my face was covered with dust. After riding downhill, I though that I got lost again and decided to push the bike uphill.While I was very tire, I met a police vehicle. After conversation I sat in a police vehicle for sight seeing to a ski resort deep in the mountain and then return to the police post. Afterward, I rid the bike back for another 20 Km luckily I rid back to town EL BOLSON then bought some souviners. I caught the late coach to a town Esquil and stayed there. At midnight, the hostel still have party,I bought a beer and shared their finished pork (actually my frist bite on meat). Then I had a bording day becuase no coach go to EL Catefate (the famous climbing place). Luckily, I met the coach manager who proposed a intery to me with his company coach.? then started my coach trip for three days. After waiting for 10 hours, I got into a coach (HK$ 450) at 2300 hrs to Galloges. Certainly, I fell into sleep along the coach trip until the morning, then watch three movies on the coach. At 2030 hrs I arrived for transit into another coach to El Catefate. I arrived at 0130hrs and followed the sketch and found Hostel Catefate. I slept with two Amercian girls in a room and in the?arly morning I join the company tour bus to see the wonderful glacier Perito Moreno (an exciting one) and tour the glacier by boat. At 1730 hrs, I was dropped in the town centre,wandering around. However, I am always luckily and walked to a small museum where?t showed the whole?istory of the South Amercia then I walked to a lake (Lago Nimes) like my name and saw?arious types of ducks and fimmingo. In the rain and darkness, I had a city tour and bought some souviners. Then I have my nice lamb dinner. Even I was a bit drunk, I could still walked to the coach station to catch the coach at 0300hrs back to city Galloges for transfer the coach to- the end of the world. The coach crossed the Argentina and Chile border twice and crossed the sea with dophins jumping. Subsquently, I finished all my coach journey at 2000hrs at USHUAIA ( The southernmost city in the world, that the port to go to the South Pole). Now I?tayed in the hotesl Los Cormoranes and had my bread for dinner. I tried trek and canoeing the next two days. Miss you .