Conway in the end of the world

This is the message from Conway in USHUAIA:

I never give up any day in my trip. Today (2009-03-26) is another exciting day in Argentina becuase I want to see the whole USHUAIA city and tour more in cheap way. However, I wake up late for I drunk too much red wine (AR 8= HK$ 18) during by sandwich (AR 7=HK$ 18) dinner in hoste Los Cormoranes (AR 37= HK$ 100 per night). Therefore, I tried to join the trip run by the Canal Fun.Com, I was late and I booked 03-27 Gable Island canoeing, pegians, hiking and navigation with lunch trip (AR 450= HK$ 1,000 very expensive I needed to svae my dinner money again). What happen for this whole day? I then went to Tourist Information and asked for treking route and Mt bike activities but Mt Bike coat me US $ 70 per day= HK$ 500. Therefore, I chose treking and saw a hard route in the Tierra Del Fuego National Park near the border of Chile. After ran back hostel to change my boot and got some gears, I jumped into a bus to the park which cost me AR 50 with return trip but again I needed to pay another AR 50 for parks entry fee. I started my trip up hill at 1300 hrs the route is hardest one needed 4 hours to reach the summit, I worried that I could not catch the last bus at 1830 hrs.I dashed up the CERRO (means summit)Guanaco Trial via a jungle again luckily there were markers to lead me through until I saw the summit above 500 meters above and I was standing on swamp because at night time the grass land was frozen but once the sun came out the ice melt. So I get my boots into the swamp luckily my boots is gro-tex mountain boot and not wet at all. When I saw the summit, I then ran up until 1530 hrs. ( I completed the 6 KM long 800 meters high in two and half hours). There was snow and ice alone the uphill route and was frezing. I neede to hurry and ran because I only worn a gro-tex jacket. At the summit, I could see the whole city which was surrounded by snow covered mountains. I tried to see the Antartic in my south by it was too remote only I could see the cruisers and the Antartic Explorer III ship and the airport. After serval photos by timer, I needed to leave because it was snowing. It was easy for me to run downhill until I reach the swamp again but on the way I awlays heard a strange voice, so I turned around to check what was happening. Too happy to see 7 wild guanacos (South Amercia Camel goat) about 100 meters away from me. I used the video camera to shoot them all and my camera too. How lucky I am. I waited until they disappeared on the range.I took one and half hour to run down but it was too wet and I fell down once.WhileI was waiting for bus,I saw a lot of  wild rabbies and osprey (eagles). At 1930 hrs I returned the city centre and walked along the coast to see the boats and the navy boats. It was very cold and I toured around the main street?nd watching the restaurant BBQ lambs and king crab memu but I dare to go inside although the only Chinese Restaurant (Rainbow) cost AR 43 for buffet but I rejected becuase I had spent money for the trip next day and I need to save some money to buy some souvinors.One box of instance plasta with soup powder and two cheese ham bread for my dinner. I was very tire and ate all the bread and drunk three plates of soup with plasta. I needed to prepare the next day trip and they will pick me up at the hostel.